Female Design Council (FDC) is an action-oriented membership organization dedicated to providing professional support for female and female-identified individuals in the design industry. FDC members benefit from a strong, connected community of women working successfully in design, and receive hands-on business guidance, mentorship, and exposure for themselves and their work. 

FDC presents engaging events, meaningful programming, cultural experiences, panel discussions, business development opportunities, and coveted exhibitions with partners such as the Brooklyn Museum, Affordable Art Fair, 1stdibs, NYCxDESIGN and more. Founded by design entrepreneur Lora Appleton, FDC strengthens the collective voice of women in design to cement a fruitful and diverse community.

FDC events are part of a larger conversation ignited to engage inclusivity and tangible gender parity in the design industry. Our vision is for ALL female-identifying individuals from all disciplines, colors, and socioeconomic backgrounds to be represented properly and fairly within the design industry and in the media.

The foundation of FDC is our strong member network, including over 200 design professionals based in New York City, as well as a fast-growing global community of digital members. The design community encompasses the following disciplines: Industrial and Product Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Makers, Curators, Gallerists, Ceramicists, Jewelry Designers, Painters, Design and Interiors Photographers, Stylists, Textile Designers, Art Advisors, Design Communicators (& PR), Design Writers, Design Students, and others who consider themselves design professionals.

We choose not to wait for recognition or opportunity—we create it for ourselves.


Female Design Council (FDC) presents monthly events, rotating quarterly panel discussions, professional development workshops, open support meetings, and social networking mixers throughout the year in New York City. Please check our Events page for up-to-date information.

Topics, locations, and sponsors are chosen to resonate with the design calendar in NYC, including NYCxDESIGN, design fairs, exhibitions, and showroom and brand events. FDC members may attend events for free or at discounted rates. Non-members have the opportunity to attend events on a first-come first-served basis. (Cost varies from event to event.) All new or interested members can attend open meetings at no cost.

If you have a programming idea or a sponsorship inquiry, please email info@femaledesigncouncil.org.


As Female Design Council (FDC) took root in NYC, we began to see how important it was to connect with other designers on a national and international level. Los Angeles is a natural and necessary expansion. We believe our strength is in the glue of our members. We are excited to connect design talent and resources from both coasts to foster close conversation, collaboration and community development.

FDC continues to expand its reach to LA to support our mission of highlighting the vast sea of female talent in design and fostering continued professional growth for ongoing prosperity. We are shifting the message about women in design and architecture in how we are communicated about, and how we communicate about ourselves. 

In the same spirit as the NYC FDC foundation, our network works as it grows organically. We listen to our design community, and use that intel to formulate the best support to respond to the location. To that end, our Fall 2019 goal is to facilitate a few more meetings and unique events to assess the best way FDC can support the ongoing needs of LA. Additional LA programming is planned for Fall 2019, culminating in opening membership in January 2020.

Previous LA Events:

Eastside Evening with Bari Ziperstein + Morrow Soft Goods | April 4, 2019

Inaugural LA Open Meeting at DWR | February 19, 2019

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Lora Appleton, Founder + CEO

Lora Appleton is the force behind Female Design Council (FDC) and kinder MODERN, the only worldwide gallery specializing in vintage and contemporary children's furniture and design objects. Her meticulous curatorial work and nuanced collections for both FDC & kM have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Surface, Deezen, Vogue, Cultured, Elle Decor, Wallpaper*, and more. In addition, Appleton helms studiokinder, her kM design studio, where she and her team collaborate on designs for sophisticated and functional furniture, rugs, and public spaces for children of all ages. 

Lora launched FDC after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election as a direct response to the long history of imbalanced representation of gender in the design industry. She is leading the charge for women in design, and is working to shift the narrative away from “traditional” gender roles and family structure towards a focus on women’s technical, artistic skills and merits.

Cydney Wixon, Marketing + Community Manager

Cydney Wixon is a New York City native and design lover. Cydney has worked with museums in a variety of capacities, including the Museum of Modern Art, and prior to joining FDC was the Marketing Associate at design gallery R & Company. Her most fulfilling experiences have been working alongside female designers specializing in large scale sculpture, paper goods, and textiles. Cydney brings a unique design perspective and energy to Female Design Council, and instills a level of oversight to FDC events and community growth.

"It's an honor to work with women from across design disciplines, to support the incredible work they do, and to foster their growth in the industry. I'm consistently in awe of the talent and tenacity of our members."

- Cydney Wixon



“We live in a society where gender, background, and economic status all influence how we navigate professional landscapes. We need to redefine those definitions and take control of them by using our platforms to encourage, be positive, and stand behind each other in strength and diversity. It’s fine to be different in your work, in your skin, to be the only woman on the job site, and so on. We just need respect while doing so—no more than anyone else, just as an equal.” - Lora Appleton




Cate AndrewsHostler Burrows


Lora Appleton / kinder MODERN


Stephanie Beamer / Egg Collective


Elizabeth Beer / Various Projects 


Christine Gachot / Gachot Studios


Alex Gilbert


Matylda Krzykowski Depot Basel


Jean Lin / Colony


Emilia Vincent / 1stdibs


Tiana Webb-Evans / ESP/PR