What is the FDC?

The Female Design Council is a professional membership organization established to provide career support, guidance, and mentorship to women in design while fostering dialogue and spurring action on the difficult issues facing women in a predominantly male industry. Our member-driven organization is also a resource for both new and established design industry members, providing professional infrastructure, cultural programming, continuing education, mentorship at any age, and access to employment opportunities and job listings.

Who are your members?

Our members consist of Industrial and Product Designers, Ceramicists, Furniture Makers, Architects, Jewelry Designers, Painters, Design and Interiors Photographers, Stylists, Textile Designers, Art Advisors, Design Communicators (& PR), Curators, Gallerists, Design Writers, Interior Designers, Design Students, and others who consider themselves design professionals.

How do I join the FDC?

Here is a link to information on membership and how to apply.

How do you define Female?

The FDC was born out of an inclusive energy and support for an under-supported group: women in design. We believe it is important to clarify our gender inclusivity.  When we use the traditional gender descriptive of ‘woman' or 'female’ this includes anyone identifying as female, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex people who live their daily lives as women and all transgender persons assigned female at birth who feel they have a connection to and respect for the women’s community.

I’m a male, can I join the FDC?

At the moment we are happy to have men attend appropriate industry events, but we are only extending official membership to women (see above for clarification). We are not excluding anyone, but rather focusing our energy on this much needed female focused group. The male perspective is always useful in our discussions and we welcome any female supportive, male identifying person/s to our open meetings and to paid events.

What type of programming does FDC provide?

The FDC aims to present one event per month, rotating quarterly panel discussions, professional development workshops, open support meetings and social networking mixers throughout the year. Please check our Events page for up-to-date information.

Topics, locations and sponsors are chosen to resonate with the design calendar in NYC such as NYCxDESIGN, design fairs, exhibitions, and showroom and brand events. FDC members may attend for free or at discounted rates. Non-members have the opportunity to attend on a first-come first-served basis. (Cost varies from event to event). All new or interested members can attend open meetings.

If you have a programming idea, please email

How do I get more involved?

Volunteer opportunities are generally limited to members only. We rely on member volunteers to drive our organization forward, and there are many opportunities to volunteer through various initiatives. Please check the Jobs page for info on available positions. If you have an interest in supporting the FDC in other ways (event ideas, corporate contacts or brands looking to support our mission), please email

How do I inform FDC members about my upcoming event, opening, crowdfunding campaign etc?

Members are welcome to publicize their events and campaigns to fellow members through the FDC email newsletters. 

Please email the information to Include a description of the event, your involvement, and any relevant dates, times, locations, costs, and links to register in the body of the email. Send a high res logo or photo too, if appropriate. If you and/or the project are on social media, send us your tags so we can give you shout outs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


What is the council?

The Female Design Council is the volunteer advisory board for the FDC. This incredible group of powerhouse, professional women was assembled based on their vast and exceptional experience in the field of design.

The Founding Council is:

Cate Andrews, Lora Appleton, Stephanie Beamer, Elizabeth Beer, Christine Gachot, Alex Gilbert, Matylda Krzykowski, Jean Lin, Tiana Webb-Evans, and Emilia Vincent


For more information about FDC & to submit programming proposals please email: