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1stdibs + FDC: Deeper than Text

1stdibs, the leading global marketplace for luxury design, and the Female Design Council (FDC), an organization dedicated to supporting women in the fields of design and creativity, teamed up to present “Deeper than Text,” an exhibition featuring all women designers held at the 1stdibs gallery during NYCxDESIGN 2019.

Curated by FDC founder Lora Appleton, “Deeper than Text” showcases 19 designers whose works include both decorative pieces and utilitarian objects, spanning the mediums of textiles, lighting, clay, resin, glass, upholstery and more. Every item in the exhibition can be purchased through the FDC digital storefront.

“1stdibs is committed to supporting the design community, and we admire the work the Female Design Council has done advocating for women in the industry,” said Cristina Miller, chief commercial officer of 1stdibs. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Lora and the FDC for this exhibition and to turn a spotlight on these remarkably talented makers.”

“With ‘Deeper than Text,’ we are redefining the visual message of women in design,” added Lora Appleton, founder of the Female Design Council as well as of kinder MODERN. “We live in a society where many personal factors, notably gender, affect how we move through our professional landscape. This exhibition presents incredibly high-quality and innovative works that challenge viewers to look beyond the mundane and focus on the objects, the investigation and the dedication to the creative process. Partnering with 1stdibs to display this exhibition during NYCxDESIGN provides us with an incredible platform to showcase these works and spread this message.”

The show’s 17 established and two emerging artists come from places as widespread as the Netherlands, South Africa, Lebanon, Denmark and locations across the U.S. All share a commitment to 1 the innovative use of materials and strength in form, creating boundary-pushing works that address adversity, rejection, challenges and gender questions.